Most Outrageous News of the Day

Miss CA photos

Do the photos leaked of Miss CA speak of a much larger problem , regarding the corruption of teenage girls in the US?

The Language Barrier

Statism, Immigration, and the ultimate power base

The Wealthiest Generation=The Laziest Generation

We have inherited the wealthiest nation in the world, but envirionmentalism and an entitlement complex will leave us with nothing

Global Warming

Henry Waxman introduces a bill to allow anyone in the world to sue the U.S. government or US businesses if they feel they have been harmed by global warming or expect to be harmed by global warming

Michael Savage Banned in the U.K.

Funny how this happened at the same time we are discussing the “fairness doctrine” in the U.S.

The myth of U.S. torture

What’s worse, being waterboarded or watching Keith Olbermann

Liberty and Tyranny

Are liberalism and statism one and the same?

Schumer’s maple syrup crusade

He really can’t think of anything better to do?

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