Cap and Trade: What’s Next?

The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (Waxman Markey/Cap and Trade) has made it through the House ( I have written on this bill several times so I won’t go into detail here, but I have listed some resources on the specifics of this legislation below). We must now ask ourselves (1) Can we stop it? (2)If so, how do we stop it?

The bill squeaked by with a 219 to 212 vote. That is an awfully narrow margin, which gives me hope. There is also a lot of resistance to this bill, in the Senate. So I believe there are a couple of things we can do to stop this legislation. In fact, I think if there is a large enough push, we may be able to put this idea to rest for at least a few years.

  • The first thing we should do is find out how the people who represent us voted. Click here and put your zip code in the upper right hand corner to find out who represents you. There is a complete list of votes here.
  • If this bill gets past the Senate, the House will have to vote again on an adjusted version of the bill. So we need to respond to their votes. If your representative voted for the bill give them a piece of your mind. If they voted against it (especially if it is like my district where Jason Altmire (D) stood up to his own party) tell them thank you! Here is a list of congressman who crossed party-lines (including the 8 traitorous Republicans). If you have never contacted Congress before, it is easier and faster than you think. Here is a great site for contact info. Sending an email is probably easiest, but I recommend calling as well. They will ask you your zip code and your message for your representative…that’s it! It takes about 30 seconds and is by far the most effective method of voicing your opinion. If you go to your congressman’s website, many even have a toll free number.
  • Next, we have to start working on our Senators. They probably won’t vote on the bill until the fall, but we should make a statement now. Believe me, the other side isn’t taking a break right now, so we can’t afford to either. Tell them you are committed to seeing to it that any Senator who votes for this bill, never gets re-elected. When they are closer to voting, I will re-post all of their info so we can contact them again.
  • Tell other people everything you know about Cap and Trade. Most Americans are grossly under-informed about this legislation. We must warn our neighbors about the economic ruin this bill would create, and let them know how our elected officials are trying to slip this massive tax past us.

If passed, this bill will be the biggest tax hike in history. It will destroy entire sectors of industry. It will cause energy prices to sky-rocket, and overall cost-of-living expenses to go through the roof. If there was ever a time to get involved, this is it!

Learn more about Cap and Trade:

My original call to action

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