Today’s Best

Deeds Is Really Confused About Taxes

Politician double-speak at it’s best

Sebelius Gives a Hygiene Lesson


Charles Krauthammer examines the difference between lying and misleading

The Elvis Factor

Jimmy Carter and Elvis

Health Care and Joe Wilson

Ann Coulter gives her opinion on the Wilson controversy!?page=1

Doctor Shortage

IBD says: 45% of doctors would consider quitting under Obamacare

Enough Already

Seriously, isn’t there any  way to get Jimmy Carter to be quiet?

Senate Says “NO” to ACORN

The Senate has blocked ACORN from receiving housing funds in new bill (it’s about time)

Obama, So Far

Politico calls Team O a failure

A Cultural Shift?

Obama’s approval among African-Americans is slipping.  What does it mean?

Compulsive Disorder

What does insurance-for-all really mean?

The Light of the World

When to stand firm

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