Best of the Best

Get to Know Ann

A hilarious interview with Ann Coulter

Creepy Story of the Day

Census workers can gather “statistics” from inside your home…. even when you’re not there!

What Causes Inequality?

A classic from Thomas Sowell’s archives

The House Divided

A foreign President bashes the U.S., and Democrats cheer

Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

Please not again

The Exit of Snarlin’ Arlen

Despite an endorsement from the President, we are finally rid of Arlen Specter

Flashback: My post on Arlen Specter switching parties

See Ya Specter, and Stay Out!

Even Crazier than You Thought

Woody Allen thinks Barack Obama should be allowed to be a dictator for a few years, I’m not joking

“Enough Money”

Thomas Sowell takes on moral bankruptcy and economic illeteracy

Miss USA

Not exactly Jeopardy material

Islamophobia is a Social Disease

Are liberals too afraid of Muslims to hate them like they hate Christians?

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