Attack Watch: More Fun Than A Barrel of Monkeys

I had another article just about ready to be posted today, but I decided to delay it so that I can briefly address the Attack Watch controversy.  In case you are unfamiliar with this site, it was launched by the President and his campaign team to “fight smears.”  Much like his two earlier tattle-tale websites, and Fight the, asks supporters to report any web sites, blogs, tweets, emails, or any other form of communication that is “smearing” the President.  At first, I too was outraged over this blatant attempt to intimidate political opponents.  For one thing, if George W. Bush or any other non-liberal asked people to report their fellow citizens, the left would be filing lawsuits and shouting “Nazi” before the site ever got off the ground.  Secondly, there is no point in making a big show of reporting attacks other than to bully people into being quiet.  The President already has an entire staff of people to address “smears” in the media.  You aren’t going to tell him anything he doesn’t already know! The only reason for launching a site like this is to make everyday people a little more hesitant about sending an email or posting a blog for fear that their name is going to go on some government watch list.  Thirdly, Attack Watch makes Barack Obama look like the world’s biggest cry-baby.  You would think that someone who paraded himself in front of a joint session of congress last week in one of the most vulgar displays of vanity ever executed by the office of President, all so he could condescendingly wag his finger at captive Republican lawmakers in full view of the press, would be able to take a little criticism.  Guess not.

But as I said earlier, my outrage didn’t last long.  As it turns out, Attack Watch is like an early Christmas present for conservatives.  Not only does it give it us more ammo to show that the President has the temperament of a petulant child, but reporting things to Attack Watch is actually lots of fun.  For example, last night I reported the President for telling lies about the success Barack Obama’s policies.  I also reported the Constitution since several federal judges have ruled that the Constitution says ObamaCare is illegal. And while reporting the numerous lies of Barack Obama can keep you laughing for hours, things get even better when you use the twitter option to contact Attack Watch.  Anytime you send a message directly to @AttackWatch or tag you comment with #AttackWatch the speech police get your report.  I am pleased to say that after spending a good deal of time on twitter last night, we (conservatives) officially own AttackWatch.  Most comments I read went something like this “Dear #AttackWatch I saw 6 ATM’s killing a job in an alley. Might be a hate crime,”  “What’s the difference between SkyNet and #AttackWatch? At some point in the future, SkyNet will become self-aware,” or “@AttackWatch There’s a new Twitter account making President Obama look like a creepy, authoritarian nutjob,” and from author Brad Thor “If only Obama Administration could create an atmosphere where jobs materialize as quickly as @AttackWatch jokes.” In a political backfire of legendary proportions, the site that was meant to shut conservatives up has become a right-wing punch-line.  Take this headline from the Washington Post, “Attack Watch, New Obama Campaign to Fight Smears, Becomes Laughingstock of the Internet,”  or from Yahoo News, “Attack Watch Snitch Site a Focus of Internet Fun.” Just google the phrase “attack watch” and every article you see will be about what a monumental miscalculation it was. I think it is safe to say that, despite the Obama campaign’s best attempts, Attack Watch will not slow the conservative movement by even the slightest degree.

I’m pretty sure will soon be abandoned like Fight the Smears and before it.  And in all honesty, filing “reports” with Attack Watch was the most fun I’ve had on twitter to date.  So, before it disappears for ever, I just want to say “thanks for the laughs!”

Watch the Attack Watch commercial below:

Some foul language

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    This anti Obama political ad just came out and is going viral over the internet- FYI

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