My Picks

Modern Tolerance

People say we are a more tolerant society today than we were 50 years ago.  Is that really true?  Judging Mrs. White

Nazis, Communists, and the Ayotollah, Oh My!

Occupy Wall Street draws endorsements from even more “regular folks.”  Check out the Conservative Hideout 2.0

The List You’ve Been Waiting For

To brighten your day, I highly recommend the 50 Best Ann Coulter Quotes of All Time

Obama’s Bundlers

We’ve been told for two years that the President is supported by the “little guy,” but his campaign finances tell a much different story.  Here are your 1%

Is Ohio the Next Wisconsin?

The governor of Ohio follows in the footsteps of Scott Walker. John Kasich vs. Public Unions

What Happened to Entitlement Reform?

We all know it has to happen.  So, why aren’t the Republican lawmakers talking about it anymore? Duck and Cover

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