My Picks

 Best of the Two Debates

There were two debates this week and I think that Newt Gingrich easily had the most memorable moment of the week.  Whether you like him or hate him as a candidate, this clip shows just how much the average citizen is sick and tired of political correctness, a fact that I hope the other candidates will remember. 

U.S. Identity Politics and the Failings of Eastern Europe

The racial political tactics that are now commonplace in the U.S. are old news in Europe.  The Way That History Went Down

Among Friends

The President announced more of his awful ideas at the one place where he fits in, Disney World (seriously no one on his staff knew we were going to make jokes about this?). The Land of Obama Make-Believe

Meet Valerie Jarrett

In the middle of every White House controversy, long-time Obama friend Valerie Jarrett has secured her position as The Worst White House Aide

A Defence of Bain Capital

Romney has plenty of legitimate faults, but the Bain Capital attacks are wearing thin. This Wall Street Journal opinion piece claims that Bain Capital Saved America

Postmodernism and the Decline of Morality

An interesting look at how Marxism became postmodernism and the effect it is having on college students.  Postmodern Political Correctness and Christianity and Part 2

Keystone Pipeline Debacle

Obama managed to make everyone angry with this move.  Obama Kills 20,000 Jobs

Communism Documentary

The Conservative Hideout will be posting a series of videos on Communism.  Here’s part one: Lies, Brutality, and Death

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