My Picks

Tim Geithner defends his budget proposal by admitting it won’t work

Planned Parenthood and Your Kids

Fair warning: this is a graphic video, but if you still don’t understand why we must defund Planned Parenthood, this is the reason  What PP is Teaching Your Kids

Media Matters Scandal

If you haven’t been following this, you should.  The Daily Caller has pulled back the curtain in Inside Media Matters

What War on Women?

A good look at the left’s latest hysterical lies  Kulturkampf as Public Health

The Prez’s New War on Terror Strategy

Apparently, the President has decided that the best way to fight Islamic terrorists is to pretend they don’t exist.  Obama Purges FBI Files

Obama’s Cynicism

Now that the President has boldly declared his opposition to “cynicism,”  this author asks “Who’s the real cynic?”  For Me, Not for Thee

Foreign Courts

Another reason why we should be on guard when an American judge says they look to foreign courts for guidance  The Rise and Fall of Judge Baltasar Garzon

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One Response to My Picks

  1. Matt says:

    Thanks for the link. I returned the favor for the Sunday Link post.

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