My Picks

Send in the Clowns


After weeks, of blaming Republicans for the sequestration procedure that he, himself crafted, the President and his sidekicks have  taken their “chicken little” impressions to increasingly absurd heights.  Read more in The White House Court Jesters of Sequester and for more on the “draconian spending cuts” read Earth to New York Times

A Response to Cass Sunstein

While we all make bad decisions from time to time, history has shown us that governments make even worse decisions.  Thomas Sowell reminds us that Ivy League elitists and progressive politicians have a history of disastrous ideas, from the government-sponsored crop destruction of the 1930’s to their long-forgotten infatuation with Hitler, Mussolini, and the Soviet Union. Shepherds and Sheep

An End to Section 5 ?

An interesting look at another one of those antiquated laws most people have never heard of .  A Ruling on Racial Progress

Why Doesn’t He Call?

After selling out American workers to help re-elect Obama, several major unions are wondering where there cut is.  Unrequited Love

Is Satire Dead?

In a culture where the writers are hopelessly biased, the viewers are depressingly disengaged, and the real-life politicians are cartoonishly ridiculous, does satire still have a place? Sa-tired by Jim Geraghty

True the Vote

Watchdog group True the Vote just completed a massive study on election turnout and guess what?  Turns out the liberal claim that voter ID laws “suppress the vote” is absolute garbage.  Not an earth shattering revelation to those of us who live in reality, but seeing the data in black in white settles the argument once and for all.  The Voter Suppression Narrative

Secrets of the Human Mind Unlocked!

If you were wondering what the President’s  “our scientists are mapping the human brain” comment meant, wonder no longer.  Science has revealed the mind of a voter.  The Human Brain Part I

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